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1 day ago

Riverview Neighborhood Association (RNA)

Amazing donation from SK Landscaping & Design. 4 cubjic yards of top notch soil to improve some of our under-performing raised beds. This is the second year in a row that Stephen Keane has come through big for Ogden's End. We couldn't have created such a beautiful public space without his support. ...

2 days ago

Riverview Neighborhood Association (RNA)

The dedication plaque is finally up on the pavilion. Here's to Maria on this beautiful evening. ...

The dedication plaque is finally up on the pavilion. Heres to Maria on this beautiful evening.Image attachment

Alert for all small business owners and Heights residents:

There is an important vote tomorrow in Trenton about whether to create a new license to allow restaurants to serve beer and wine without having to buy a full liquor license. This is very important for small businesses and does what other states in the Northeast have already done. Below is from Assemblyman Raj Mukerji's office (he is one of the sponsors of the bill):

"As per our conversation today, Assembly Bill A3494 (Creates new liquor licenses for certain restaurants and permits issuance of additional liquor licenses; provides tax credit under corporate business tax and gross income tax for loss in value to certain alcoholic beverage licenses) will be heard in the Oversight, Reform, and Federal Relations committee on this Thursday, May 17th, at 2pm.

The committee will meet in Committee Room 16, which is on the 4th Floor of the State House Annex, in Trenton. When you get to the room, slips will be available for those interested in testifying.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at (201) 626-4000. "

CAN YOU GO To Trenton tomorrow to support?


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What does this mean is non law jargon?

Rather than a small restaurant having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on a full liquor license, they would be able to pay MUCH less for a for a limited beer/wine only license to serve beer and wine at tables. Many states like NY already have this type of license to help small restauranteurs that can't afford full liquor licenses

Rudy Cat

We'll update when the full assembly vote takes place.

so who should we call?

Fingers crossed. This can open up a world of possibilities around here!

Reports back from the meeting is that it went well. We are planning to caravan down to Trenton when they have the full Assembly vote. Thanks to Gary and Eva from the Cliff for representing the Heights in Trenton and for Mayor Fulop for providing a letter of support!

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Tuesday, 6-February

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