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We hope you are enjoying your summer. There is no membership meeting held in August, but we are providing updates here. Don't miss out - register for the Flea Market (info below).



New Lighting fixtures have been installed on Palisade Ave mostly between Hutton and Griffith.  Thanks to our member Mikhail for driving this initiative and doing the initial survey that identified the need for additional lighting along Palisade Ave. We also appreciate Theresa Haywood's help in making sure that the work was completed. In the process of our survey of the work, we did notice that some of the street lights near the intersection of Hutton and Palisade were out so we are reporting those to the city and PSEG to get them fixed.

- We are meeting with the Division of Architecture this week to try and get concept designs of the Gazebo that we can present to our membership and the Heights residents for feedback.  We have submitted several rounds of feedback to the Division of Architecture based on our initial community meetings about the Gazebo rebuild. We will announce a community meeting once we have concept drawings from the city that are detailed enough to allow for constructive feedback.

- RNA has received plans that will be submitted to city planning to repurpose the building at 423 Palisade Ave into a daycare center.  The plans include a refurbishment of the building and the addition of a second floor terrace in the rear of the building. If you would like to see the Blueprints that were sent to us, please send and email to and we will make arrangements to show them to you. As the owners will be applying for a variance, if you live within 200 feet of this address you will be receiving a notice and will have an opportunity to provide feedback at a planning board meeting.

- RNA has been informed that Jersey City Parks and Forestry will be using Green Acres funding to refurbish and redesign the play structures at several parks including Pershing Field and Janet Moore Park (Ogden & Cuneo)  We have attended a meeting with the city and received some initial proposed plans. We have provided feedback already to the city on several aspects of the plans for Janet Moore Park, providing shade for the seating area and playground, getting better utilization of the paved and grass areas in the park, and creating additional features in the play area. If you are a parent who currently uses the park (or would like to use it in the future) and you are interested in providing some feedback on the city's plans to renovate the play structures and the surrounding area within Janet Moore Park, please reach out to us at and include your phone number and address so we can coordinate getting you the information. The city has requested that we get any feedback to them within a couple of weeks.

- The new Vacant Lot Registration Ordinance that requires owners of vacant lots to register those lots with the city and maintain them in accordance with city codes is now in effect.  In addition, the Creditor Responsibility Act is now in effect as well which allows the city to levy fines directly on creditors/banks that own vacant and abandoned properties but fail to prevent them from becoming hazards and nuisances to the neighborhood. If you know of any abandoned or vacant properties or lots in the Heights that are causing problems for you or your neighbors, please send us the details of the issues and the address so we can immediately get it to Housing Code Enforcement.  


Heights Community Mourns Passing of Ruth Conrad  


Ruth Conrad, a stalwart of our community and core participant at the founding of RNA over 30 years ago, passed away this past spring at the age of 86.  Her family asked that we wait to share the news with the community until now and we respected their wishes.  We extend our condolences to her daughter and former RNA board member Doris Brown and her sister Carin as well as to Lenny Davis and all who loved Ruth.  


Family friend and RNA board member Roger Heitmann and former RNA president Vito Brunetti share their remembrances below.


Tribute to Ruth Conrad by Roger Heitmann


The old cliché behind every great man stands a strong woman was never more true in describing the late Ruth Conrad. A native of Berlin, Germany, she immigrated to the United States in 1948 after serving as a nurse in the German army during World War II and after the war as an administrative worker with the British air force during the famous Berlin airlift. These experiences would have a lasting effect upon her and she would speak of them often to friends and family.


Wife of the late Theodore Conrad, Ruth proved to be a key asset to the famed architectural model maker's thriving business in the 1950s through the 1970s as an able administrator and organizer.


She balanced the tasks at hand while also raising two daughters, Carin and Doris, in the family's historic home on Ogden Avenue.


Her involvement within the Jersey City Heights neighborhood began in earnest with the struggle to head off the proposed plan of a residential high rise building in Riverview Fisk Park in the early 1960s. Ruth was a strong voice in the community among others that convinced the city to abandon the project. We owe a lot to her and many others that preserved the park as a passive open space so desperately needed by our population today.


On a personal note, Ruth was one of my late mother's closest friends. There were many good times shared when they both lived just a few doors away from each other on Ogden in the 1950s. Both families were very close and my father was one of Ted's closest friends and schoolmates growing up. This continued after my mother passed away at a very early age and Ruth became my adopted aunt during that difficult time.


Ruth passed away this past spring at the age of 86. She was cared for at home by her daughter, Doris, her husband, Lenny, and Carin. Having had a little experience myself recently, there is a lot to be said about the caregiving and sacrifice that was involved during Ruth's slow decline. Ruth was fortunate to have that type of care and constant attention for years.


Neighborhoods in general need individuals like Ruth and Ted that are willing to take a stand and make valid arguments that convince those that have political power to see what is right for the community. Too often those in political power measure things only in terms of dollars and cents gained.


The Heights misses them both and now it is up to new individuals and groups that have stepped up to carry forward on behalf of the community. We can only hope to fill that void.

Tribute to Ruth Conrad by Vito Brunetti

Eulogy to Ruth Conrad


I just found out that Ruth Conrad passed away recently.

The family did not want a public service or any mention of it in the papers.

I respect the family's privacy but there needs to be some mention - an acknowledgment - of this woman and what she accomplished as a resident of our community.


Yes, she was the widow and spouse of Ted Conrad, one of the architect's of the Riverview Neighborhood Association. As his legacy attests, he was also responsible for the savings of the Brennan Courthouse, Liberty State Park, and the Jersey City Loew's. Ruth was his support and sounding board. His aide-de camp. She entertained the many residents and community people that Ted would invite to his house and studio to organize his campaigns. Yet, she was always full of thoughts and ideas that contributed to the meeting.


She was an incredibly vocal presence at RNA's meetings. She was also one of the many speakers that demonstrated in front of the Council at City Hall, protesting against a municipal policy of neglect or wrongheadedness.


If she didn't agree with you, she would just plain come out tell you so. She would educate you about her opinion. She was dogged in her advocacy. Her anger (which I sometimes personally felt) would not last long because on the street or at the next meeting, she would be talking to you again as a neighbor and a friend.


She was also a good neighbor, protecting not only her block but also Riverview Park. She and Ted thought of that piece of open space as the gem of the neighborhood. They would fight to the bitter end to make sure that it would remain just that: a haven of peace and tranquility for the community.


Even after Ted's death and when her health began to fail, she remained active-- even if it was just to bear witness and lend her presence to an issue with a sense of local history.


She was also a gracious lady whether she was socially entertaining neighbors at her house or as a guest to a holiday party.


She raised a family of two daughters and three grandchildren who will hopefully carry on the traditions of their wonderful parents.


She will be missed, she and her generation of public-spirited individuals that understood what community meant and how needs it to be protected.

Finally, I personally add my condolences to her family, her neighborhood and her city for a great lady.


Live at the Lumberyard - This Friday!
August 15th @ 7PM
This week's Live at the Lumberyard is generously sponsored by local small business Life Logistics. Come meet them at the event or visit them at: or

This week's lineup:
"The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!" are a unique entity in the NY/NJ music scene. They consider themselves the only guitar/vocal duo that mixes equal parts Rockabilly, Country, and genuine guitar Gospel music with a spoonful of greasy Blues to wash it all down. Bon appétit! This is not your father's blues - it's more like your grandfather's...if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church.

Karyn Kuhl Band - The former singer/guitarist of Hoboken's Sexpod and Gut Bank has a gorgeous new album, Songs For The Dead, that showcases the lush intimacy of her vocals as well as her fiery guitar work. Songs For The Dead won Outstanding Album at the Hoboken Music Awards 2013. The current band features Jim Mastro (The Bongos, Ian Hunter) on guitar as well as Jersey City natives Jonpaul Pantozzi on drums and Lou Ciarlo on bass.

Sea of Otters is a Jersey City-based Original Rock band that likes to play nifty music for carbon based life forms. Sea of Otters has been gigging around the New York Tri-State area, in one form or another, since the early 1990's. Their first self-titled album received radio air play on several commercial and college stations. The current line-up includes Nick Ciavatta--Lead Guitar and Vocals, Patrick Lally--Guitar and Vocals, Malcolm Marsden--Lead Guitar, Gerald Lucas--Violin, Keith Richard Vukan--bass and Lou Iacobelli on Drums. Find them on the web at

And don't forget, DJ PreSkool will be spinning between sets and providing video art projections during the performances. Hungry? No problem--Food truck Dark Side of the Moo will be there for your dining pleasure.


Over 150 Enjoy RNA's Movie Night 


On a day and evening (August 1) that threatened rain, over 150 people enjoyed a free screening of "The Princess Bride" along with free popcorn. Food trucks El Chilango and Peace Love Pops were on hand to provide dinner and dessert.

RNA would like to thank the following sponsors of the 6th Annual Movie Night In the Park program for making the evening possible: Palisade Drugs, Palisade Pups, Craft Signs, and Yoga In The Heights. We would also like to thank the volunteers who came out to clean up the park prior to the movie and help serve over 300 servings of freshly popped popcorn.

Movie Night 2014  

28th Annual Park Fest & Flea Market, Sep 13th


Register and reserve your space for our upcoming Flea Market and park festival happening Saturday, September 13th. You can use the following link to quickly register and pay for your flea market space(s) . While we do accept same day registrations, the cost increases to $25 (pre-registration is $20 for non-members and $15 for members), so reserve your space today!   



JC Fridays returns September 5th 


RNA will again host events for JC Fridays, so save the date! The final Live at the Lumberyard will take place at 7PM and will feature Autumn City, Liam Brown & the Pounds, Underwater Scheme Park, DJ Senor Lunkhead spinning between sets, and video art projections by Ann LePore running behind the bands.

We will also sponsor a solo photography show at 433 Palisade Ave at the Offices of Assemblyman Raj Mukherji featuring the works of photographer John Crittenden. Don't miss out!

Upcoming events/activities 


Aug 15th, 7:00pm to 10:00pm - Live At The Lumberyard, 428 Palisade Ave

August 23rd, 10:00am to 12:00pm - Neighborhood Cleanup, Meet at the corner of Ferry and Palisade.

Every Sunday through October, 9:00am to 2:00pm - Riverview Farmers Market, Riverview Park

Wednesdays and Saturdays - Volunteer days at Ogden's End Community Garden, end of the Ogden Ave south of Cuneo Pl.

September 5th (JC Fridays), 7:00pm to 10:00pm - Live At the Lumberyard, 428 Palisade Ave

September 5th (JC Fridays), 6:30pm to 10:30pm - John Crittenden At Home In The R.A.D. photography show, 433 Palisade Ave.

September 13th, 10:00am to 5:00pm - RNA Flea Market and Park Festival, Riverview Park.

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