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Tuesday, November 11th at 7:30 PM



Harbor View Health Care Center

178 Ogden Avenue

1st Floor Cafeteria




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Membership dues and donations help sustain the RNA. Annual dues are $10. Please contribute on our website, at an RNA meeting, or make checks payable to Riverview Neighborhood Association and mail to:


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Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 11th at 7:30PM. There is no special guest for the November meeting but we will be going over a number of community updates and will be discussing action necessary to confront a proposed zoning change to the one-and-two housing zoning district (the R1). (See below.)  All are welcome to attend. 


Stop An Effort to Reduce On-Street Parking!


Think finding a parking space is difficult now? Then pay attention! Ward B Councilman Chico Ramchal has drafted an ordinance that will reduce the number of on-street parking spaces in the R1 zoning district by allowing additional curb cuts for front yard parking/carports that will benefit a few homeowners to the detriment of everyone else.


While the proposed ordinance purports to increase parking by allowing homeowners that have 16 feet between the building line and the sidewalk closest to the front of the house to create a parking space/carport, in reality:

  • It decreases on-street parking. On average, an on-street parking spot turns over 3-6 times a day (e.g. 3-6 people benefit). Front yard parking only benefits the home owner who has the space to do it at the expense of residents and visitors who lose the curb length for on-street parking. The result of additional curb cuts is that overall parking capacity in Jersey City goes DOWN, the opposite of the intended goal.
  • It trades on-street parking for private parking. It serves to further privatize a public good (the public curb) and make parking less accessible for businesses, residents and visitors.
  • It makes the streets and sidewalks less safe because cars are backing over the sidewalk into traffic.
  • It increases flooding by reducing the permeable surface area and results in sheeting of water/runoff during storms.
  • It blights the streetscape. Parked cars become the dominant visual element in our front yards.

If this all sounds familiar, it is because similar ordinances were proposed in 2006 and 2007 and were soundly voted down by the Council after a grassroots effort by RNA and other community organizations throughout the city. Unfortunately, the city has not focused its energy on proposals that will truly increase parking capacity or worked to improve public transportation. This ordinance re-emerges because newly constructed homes are permitted to have a garage and the resulting curb cut. This provision for new construction has led to a reduction in on-street parking.  Rather than change the zoning so that these curb cuts are not automatic for new construction, enabling existing homes to add a curb cut as proposed in a misguided effort to level the playing field.


Please let the Mayor and Council know that you do not support this zoning change and that you want them to work on real solutions (eliminating automatic curb cut for new construction, adding municipal parking, using existing lots for overnight parking, changing zoned parking, marking parking spots, and improving public transportation options, and more) by emailing the city council at the following addresses:,,,,,,,, or calling the mayor's office at (201) 547-5200.  Also remember to share on social media.  Please plan to attend the planning board meeting on November 18th at 5:30PM where this issue will be on the agenda.


Please contact with any questions or to learn more about this issue. 


Design Concept for the Gazebo


A design concept for the gazebo including an ADA-compliant access path was presented by the Jersey City Division of Architecture at the last RNA meeting in October and was approved by the membership and board. (Thank you to architect and member Lee Levine for supplying the concept to RNA and the City.) The selected design concept includes a landscaped access path leading to the gazebo with the base platform a bit lower than the platform that remains today. We are meeting with the city next week to start reviewing the gazebo design drawings, materials, and construction details in preparation for a bid package to go out early next year. We will work with the city to get a project timeline at our upcoming meetings. The expectation is that construction will be completed in 2015.



Have you experienced improvement with
NJ Transit?


After numerous meetings and conversation with NJ Transit, and a continuous flow of complaints from area residents, we have finally begun to see some significant improvements in the quality of service on the 119 line (few or no missed buses and better on-time performance). We have also gotten reports of improved bus flow in and out of the Port Authority for the 123 line. That being said, we are still seeing significant overcrowding on the 119 during the morning and evening rush hours and some service problems on the 87 to/from Hoboken have been reported. 


In order to ensure continuous improvement, it is imperative that you go to NJ Transit's website (or call in) and report each and every service issue or instance of overcrowding.  These reports feed directly to the NJ Transit dashboard and is the only guaranteed way to make sure the issues have high visibility at all levels of NJ Transit management. 


From a Mobile or iPad Device Use This Feedback Link: 


From a PC or Laptop Use This Feedback Link: 


Please be vigilant and report each and every issue, especially service issues and overcrowding or situations where you can't physically fit onto a bus or the bus has to leave early because it's full.  For chronic issues, please email with details so the problems can be brought up during our meetings with NJT. 


Additionally, we were informed that adjustments were made to the light rail intersection timings, switches and monitoring systems.  If you notice traffic backups at the Light Rail intersection on Paterson Plank Rd, please make sure to email us or post pictures to our Facebook page. 


Help us Restore the Henry Hudson Monument


RNA Treasurer Roger Heitmann is leading RNA's fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to restore the Henry Hudson monument in Riverview-Fisk Park. The goal is to raise $8,500 by December 17th. (5% has been raised to date.)


The monument was originally created by Anton Schaaf in 1917. The bust is bronze and sits atop a solid granite pedestal. Restoration will remove layers of paint on the bust as well as the granite pedestal that the city added over the years. Our contractor will remove the paint and restore it to its original patina and remove the white paint on the granite pedestal. Then a hot wax coating will be applied to the bust to improve preservation. 


No donation is too small (or too large!). Please donate what you can and share the IndieGoGo page with your friends.  



Ogden's End Community Garden Fundraiser
a Great Success


RNA hosted an Octoberfest Beer Tasting as a fundraiser for Ogden's End Community Garden on October 25th. In addition to enjoying fabulous beer, wonderful food, live music and great company, we raised over $500! The funds were put toward the completion of a mural (60 FT tall!) in Ogden's End Community Garden. (See below.)


Special thanks to AJ's Palisade Pub (on Palisade at Congress) for the generous donation of beer and also to Al Festa and the Bensonridge Project for weaving over 3 hours of live music. Also thanks to Olga Weissman for preparing all the delicious food and to all the volunteers that helped throughout the event.


Ogden's End Community Garden
Mural Completed


With funds from a Kickstarter campaign and the Oktoberfest Beer Tasting, Savage Habbit artist Gaia was able to complete this stunning mural in under a week (link to Flickr slideshow).  This ambitious project would simply not have been possible without the hard work and facilitation of the Ogden's End Garden coordinator Zachary Cohen. Join us in congratulating Zachary on this successful effort to beautify the garden and bring world class art to the Heights. Special thanks also go to James Pollaci, the residents and condo board at 102 Ogden for accommodating the mural on their building.

Link to completed Mural


Day of the Dead and Halloween Dog Parade Make for Great Day at the Riverview Farmers Market


The Riverview Farmers Market always makes for a great part of any Sunday, but Sunday, November 1st was particularly special. In addition to all the farmers market vendors, the first annual Day Of The Dead Giant Puppet parade and festival was presented by Farms In The Heights and included hand-made puppets that were worked on throughout the summer at the market as well as entertainment by an all-female Mariachi band. Thanks to Beverly Brown, Santiago Cohen, and all the volunteers who made this event such a success.  



If that wasn't enough, the annual Halloween Dog Parade followed. Thanks to Life Logistics for sponsoring this years parade and providing the prizes. ( The costumes were again fantastic! Congratulations to all the participants and this years winners.


Halloween Dog Costume Parade in Riverview Park. 




Creating the Future of Palisade Avenue


A coalition of neighborhood groups, including RNA, have begun meeting to gather information and plan public workshops in order to build community consensus on what future zoning on Palisade Avenue should be to ensure its revitalization. This is a proactive, bottom up approach that will involve as many residents, business owners and other stakeholders as possible to ensure that any development along Palisade Ave meets the needs of our community. Dates for workshops will be announced over the next few months. Email us if you would like to be contacted with more information on this project. 


Proposal for Resident-Only Permit Parking



The Washington Park Association is heading up an effort to start a pilot program for 24-hour resident only parking on one side of the street in the Heights. We will have more details on this at the meeting on Tuesday 11/11.



Start thinking about RNA board nominations


Board nominations will be open in December so if you have ever considered serving on the RNA board please let one of the current board members know or email us at There will be at least one board vacancy next year that will need to be filled.




Farmers Market   Open and operating through Nov 23rd.  Stony Hill Farms taking orders for cage free turkeys until 11/16.


RNA Game Night   Friday 11/14 8:00pm at the Corkscrew Bar and Grill (newly renovated and featuring a great selection of craft beer on tap)


942 Summit Ave Grand Opening  Sunday Nov 9th from 9am to 5:00pm - Bloomsbury Sq. bath + body, Do You Tea. tea bar, WHOS Gluten Free baked goods.


JC Fridays  December 5th, Citywide.


RNA Holiday Party December 9th 

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