October 2016
Riverview Park Gazebo Rebuild
Project at 39 New York Ave
RNA LAP Grant - 2017 Concert Series
United For Clean Streets Update
Commercial space at 435 Palisade Ave
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RNA Meeting:
Tuesday, October 11th at 7:30 PM
Harbor View Health Care Center
178 Ogden Avenue
1st Floor Cafeteria
October 11th Agenda:

Police and Residence Response Center 
Neighborhood Updates
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Please join us on Tuesday evening, October 11th, at 7:30PM for our monthly meeting at the Harborview Health Center, 178 Ogden Ave at Franklin St - 1st Floor Cafeteria.  We have much to discuss with the membership!

In addition to the opportunity to hear from and bring issues to the attention of a representative from the Jersey City Police Department North District and from the Residence Response Center, this month's agenda includes reviewing a residential development application for 39 New York Ave (aka Ravine Road) and hearing your feedback, as well as reviewing the new Gazebo construction project timeline as well as the status of the Riverview Park renovation. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 
Gazebo Project - Fits and Starts

The reconstruction of the Riverview Park Gazebo, destroyed during SuperStorm Sandy, was slated to begin on September 21st, but we were told it was delayed when the City failed to issue a demolition and excavation permit in a timely fashion.  After much prodding and pressure from RNA, we now have a revised start date in writing.

According to the Department of Architecture and the Contractor that was awarded the bid, the setup (fence, signage, etc.) will go up on October 11th and 12th with the actual work beginning on October 17th.   Hopefully there will not be any further delays in getting construction underway or with the project - and RNA will remain vigilant to do all it can to ensure the project remains on track.
We will share any additional updates at Tuesday's meeting and continue to provide updates on Facebook/social media and our website. 

Rendering - view looking West

39 New York Development
Hoboken Brownstone Co's has submitted its development application for 39 New York Ave (Ravine Road) for a 5 Story, 154 unit residential building. The property is located within the Palisade Preservation Overlay District (PPOD), a zoning overlay that RNA worked hard to establish in order to protect the Palisade Cliffs. The proposed development also has a driveway entrance/exit along a blind curve raising traffic safety concerns.  
After a thorough review and conversations with the developer and the JC planning department, RNA believes, based on clarifying information and new diagrams provided, that the project most likely does not encroach into the protected space below the top of the Cliff (relying on the provided topography study). We are also waiting on a determination from planning - According to the PPOD -  "No portion of a building built below the Palisades within the PPOD and within four hundred fifty (450) feet of the cliff face, including all bulkheads, parapets and penthouses, shall extend into the area occupied by the top twenty-five percent (25%) of the distance between the top of cliff and the lowest portion of existing grade of a development site.  We will have printouts of the plans and be able to review the calculated heights, setbacks, and elevations with the membership. 

The traffic/safety report prepared on behalf of the developer that accompanies the development application, finds that the entrance to the driveway - located between the light rail tracks and the first blind curve (coming up from Hoboken) poses no traffic or safety threat; RNA respectfully disagrees.  We'd like to hear your feedback as well.

RNA will have the plans for this development printed and available for review at the meeting and they are also available for review at the Planning Dept at 30 Montgomery St (or make arrangements to review them via Kern at riverviewneighborhood@gmail.com).  While no date has been set for the public hearing before the Zoning Board, the developer is looking to move forward on a November agenda.

RNA Seeks Grant to Expand Concert Series  

RNA is again applying for Hudson County Local Arts Programming (LAP) grant funds, a grant that has helped fund Live at the Lumberyard, but this year we are applying for the RNA Concert Series. We are partnering with the Statuary to host concerts, performances and art installations on Historic Holland Street as well as at the Lumberyard.

We will need to raise additional funds to be able to increase the number of events and bring in more diverse musicians, artists and performers. Please contact us at riverviewneighborhood@gmail.com if you would like to help us raise funds or apply for additional grants. Would you like to sponsor/contribute to this series or know of an interested business? if so, please reach out to us for additional information.

United for Clean Streets Update

United For Clean Streets, a group consisting of concerned citizens and organizations (RNA/Kern Weissman are members) has issued a series of recommendations to the Mayor and the Department of Public Works (DPW) for ways to improve the garbage issues and cleanliness of the Heights (and citywide). The mayor has been very receptive to our suggestions and we'll be working closely with DPW to implement many of the recommendations. We will review them at the meeting - and encourage you to get involved in this effort. 
435 Palisade to Convert First Floor to Commercial Space

A commercial storefront is being converted back from residential use at 435 Palisade Ave.  Originally a beautiful glass storefront, it was converted to residential use in the 1980's.  With the changes to the allowed uses in the R2 zone and the recently passed Restaurant Overlay Zone, the new owner has decided to bring back the ground floor commercial space (the new owner will be at the meeting on Tuesday).  We applaud this decision and hope it starts a trend of bringing more quality retail/commercial spaces to Palisade Ave. 

435 Palisade rendering
435 Palisade - Conceptual Rendering

Heights Activities Calendar

Riverview Farmer's Market - 10am to 3:00pm every Sunday through November. 

Ogden's End Community Garden planting and volunteering:  Every Saturday from 10AM - 1PM. Location - southernmost end of Ogden Ave (adjacent to 102 Ogden and Janet Moore Park).Email ogdensendgarden@gmail.com for more info or just show up.

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting to benefit Ogden's End Community Garden - Sat Oct 22nd 2:00pm to 6:00pm - 576 Palisade Ave.

Heights Board of Education Candidate Forum - Monday October 24th 7:00pm to 9:00pm - Hope Center 112 Cambridge Ave

Backroom Broadsides Spoken Word/Poetry Series: First Tuesday of each month from 8pm to 10pm - Fox and Crow (next event is November 1) 

Check our "Weekend Update" emails (sent every Friday morning) for all the various events in the Heights and the offerings from our Weekend Update business sponsors.

If you are interested in opening a new business on Palisade Ave get in contact with us at riverviewneighborhood@gmail.com
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