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RNA Monthly Meeting:
Tuesday, February 13th at 7:30 PM

Harbor View Health Care Center
178 Ogden Avenue
1st Floor Cafeteria

Guest - Tanya Marione, Senior Planner for Jersey City Division of Planning

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February 2018
RNA To Appeal Zoning Ruling
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119 Bus Service
549 Palisade Ave Variance
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Please join us on Tuesday evening, February 13th at 7:30PM for our monthly meeting at the Harborview Health Center, 178 Ogden Ave at Franklin St - 1st Floor Cafeteria. You will have the opportunity to hear from the North District police department and from a representative of the Residence Response Center.

At this month's meeting, our guest will be Tanya Marione, Senior Planner for the Jersey City Division of City Planning. Tanya will solicit feedback and answer questions on a set of recommended updates to the R2 zone related to Mixed Use buildings on Palisade Ave running from Ferry St to South St.  We will also provide updates on the Riverview Park renovation project as well as the Roxy R.A.D project. Please join us as we work to update the zoning on Palisade Ave and thus decrease the amount of variance applications and eliminate any possible ambiguity in the zoning rules along Palisade Ave. 

Membership dues should now be renewed for 2018, if you did not pay your dues yet please pay your dues now to renew your membership using this link:
($10 per year)

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 
Palisade Lumber development 021118
RNA to Appeal Zoning Ruling That Undermines Protections on Palisade Ave

RNA recently learned that the proposed development at the former Palisade Lumber location on Palisade Lumber will not go before the Zoning Board as planned, because the Zoning Officer, Nick Taylor, has determined that there are no bulk, density, height or parking standards for mixed use developments in the R2 zone (which runs along Palisade Ave from South St to Ferry St.) If the ruling stands, the development application will be heard by the Planning Board as a minor variance.  This ruling potentially impacts any future variance applications in the R2 zone separate and apart from the Palisade Lumber project where the community has tried to reach a compromise with the developer.  This developer and lawyer is instead attempting to circumvent the process of continuing to work with the community or having the variance heard at the Zoning Board.

RNA will appeal this interpretation of the zoning that would allow for taller building heights (more stories) without having to go before the Zoning Board for a major variance hearing.  If the zoning officer's interpretation stands it would make it easier to build taller buildings (5 stories and up) on Palisade Ave with little or no protection for the community.  The R2 zoning has been in place since the 2000/2001 master plan was adopted and has never been interpreted in this way.

Due to this ruling the previously scheduled Zoning Board review of the Palisade Lumber application was canceled.  The current proposal is 46 units, 5 stories along 222' of Palisade, two retail spaces and 41 parking spots.  You can review the current plans here.  RNA will continue to post updates about when this application will be heard. 
Grant Near for Holland Street Music/Art Events
RNA is excited that we are near to being awarded a sponsorship to host multiple arts/music events at Historic Holland St co-produced by The Statuary (remember The Vault Allure from last year).  We are working to line up sponsors and should have news on programming and funding next month.  

How's Your Commute?

Please let us know how the NJ Transit 119 bus service has been since the increased service to and from the Port Authority that took effect in late November.  Have things gotten better, stayed the same or gotten worse?  Please email us with specifics to so we can share with NJ Transit and our local representatives.  You can always file specific service complaints with NJT  here:

Variance Application Forthcoming for 549 Palisade Ave

A variance application is going to be submitted for 549 Palisade Ave to convert a large single family house to 5 units by adding an extension on the back.  Please contact us at if you would like to review the plans and provide feedback.

House in the middle is 549

Upcoming and Ongoing Events - Heights Activities Calendar

JC Friday's FRIDAY March 2nd - Several event around the Heights. 

Backroom Broadsides Spoken Word/Poetry Series:
First Tuesday of each month from 8pm to 10pm, the next event is March 6th at Fox and Crow - Open mic (5 min limit per reader)

Check our "Weekend Update" emails, sent every Friday morning, for all the events in the Heights and the offerings from our Weekend Update business sponsors.

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