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Shanshan suddenly felt helpless, as if all of a sudden do not know how to put hands and feet, the car suddenly becomes very small space, large enough own heartbeat can be heard, face slowly burned up, and my heart seemed to have a flock of birds singing ...... Firs ...... shy! Quiet for a long while, Shanshan said: "president, can you slow down a little." "Motion sickness?" "Not,that is too fast." Heartbeat too fast friends. Thus, the maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour sports car on speed in a very tortoise Shanshan moved to rented downstairs. Car a stop, the car suddenly ambiguous atmosphere up Shanshan just calm little darling and puff point cheap nfl jerseys usa beating. At this point, President of adults suddenly leaned over to her ...... Ah! He thought why! Shanshan tight straight at him ...... "So nervous doing?" Tang Feng eyes showed a trace of smile slightly, "I can help you solve a seat belt." Popping up soon, seat belt untied, a brain strings Shanshan also broken ...... Seat belts ...... Your service is also president of the adults too considerate. Oh laugh about with too embarrassing, Shanshan Qiqiyiai said: "? You, uh, I, why do not you ever say ah." Really! Do you like I had any brains, you do not say how I know you like me too ...... Feng Teng eyes smile even more, YouYouRan said:? "This is not the person should first have attempted to say it." What does this mean? Shanshan froze. boss adult mean she first attempt against him? "I?" cheap nike jerseys usa Shanshan innocently pointed to his heart still singing crowd just pat the wings of song cheap jerseys usa birds have flown away without looking back. "Is not it?" Shanshan Feng Teng has assumed a familiar look coercion, persecution and looked at her. He deliberately took advantage of Shanshan drunk teasing her, so she had no resuscitation Who. However, he has forgotten, perhaps timid mice usually met with a cat ran, but cheap jerseys usa from china was drunk, but the cat would dare dry rack! "I, I, I ......" Shanshan customary in the moment to be under seal Teng yield stress, she thought of a critical issue! Now president of adult crush (?) Her! That should be her biggest fishes! What he pulled pulled ah! Shanshan leap of joy together, this kind of joy is different from just shy little woman happy, but similar to the working class mastered the bomb! Courage increased sharply ah! Birds flew back in Shanshan mind impassioned singing: up! People do not want to be slaves! Have to admit, the national anthem is the national anthem, inspiring role is very great, Shanshan was inspired, look seal Teng, unusual bravery, said: "! Me, I just do not like you." In an instant seal Teng stunned look, Shanshan one go: "Because you're too naive adults president!" Silence of the whole world. Feng Teng's face has been unable to describe with a silent, he hissed out the words: "! Xue Shanshan" Shanshan seem to see the head boss kindled flames. I, I'm afraid you ah! Amazing you fire me!