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Shanshan opened the cheap nike jerseys nfl door to the hotel. Northwest wind chill outside sorrowful Life, Shanshan was wind blows, shaking a little, and quickly returned to the hotel. Cold! How she unwittingly walked downstairs to come? Shanshan holding his bare arm trembling. But to go back or, time is not late ...... Positive thinking, handbag cell phone rang, Shanshan took out the phone, see a flashing phone number, startled for a moment, obviously thinking of his mind not to take in, but I do not know how the fingers press the answer key. Feng Teng slightly disgruntled voice: "Where are you?" "...... Downstairs in the lobby." "Not tell you to not run it?" Seal Teng increasingly unhappy, "there waiting, I'll go." "Blah blah." Feng Teng feel we should hang the phone, Shanshan quickly stopped him. Get away anyway, it is better to die happy few, Shanshan audacity to say: "president ...... Can you help me with a down jacket " Not long after, I saw Shanshan Feng Teng took her jacket to come out from the elevator, sharp eyes suddenly find her. Shanshan quickly ran up, grabbed the side while thanking his clothes from his hands. "What do you run down?" "Uh, I feel dizzy and want to go back." Shanshan guilty said. Tang Feng looked at her rosy cheeks, gentle look down. "I send you back." Then went to the outside can not be rejected. Shanshan stunned for a moment just to keep up. CEO adults really polite ...... so she would Luanxiang ...... Shanshan still got chaotic thinking. White sports a smooth exercise in the night, they did not speak the moment the car. After a while, Shanshan, could not export the heart of the question asked: "Officer, Mr. Yan said that in recent months, Ms. Feng did not go to Europe." . "Ah" seal Teng should faint cry, and said: "And then?" He actually asked her then? Shanshan stared at him, someone was laid bare lie still so calm it? Boss adults certainly Millennium witch! "Well, then why do you tell me that she went to Europe it?" Feng Teng Leng Heng said: "Xue Shanshan, you can then stupid point." == She actually said stupid! This arrogant attitude, he suspects it! Moreover, she is not stupid to pull, but only if she thought was true, that's too scary good. The other is the president of the adults ah, I feel like every one of the universe, you would suspect an alien ...... like yourself? Shanshan cranky, the car has quieted down, sealing Teng seemed to inadvertently opening, said:. "Dancing thing you do not misunderstand." Before Zhou Xiaowei not accept checks, but just after the first dance, and she begged him to dance cheap nfl jerseys free shipping again. What thoughts cheap jerseys nfl shy hidden under Zhou Xiaowei Teng sealed with a scared expression will see how to pull, but the multi-hop dance can change anything? However, in this annual celebration of the occasion, for once monthly blood transfusions to seal the staff he was not too embarrassed to let her, and she danced second dance. Then I saw Xue Shanshan went out. Experience tells Tang Feng, Xue Shanshan will never run out because some normal reasons, but he decided to explain. Although his explanation is too subtle a point, too point to the last point. Shanshan has touched someone else's. She did not know letters and Zhou Xiaowei Teng jumped the second dance, that Teng was sealed to her first dance explain it. Boss adults and not even because of the practice and dance every other woman explained to her, told her not mistaken ...... Could do, really ...... really ...... Shanshan an impulse, a tipsy Bay, hotheaded asked: "? President, cheap nfl jerseys from china can I misunderstood you, you love me." Feng Teng's hand holding the steering wheel of a moving slightly, eyes straight ahead of the road, very serious, said:. "Occasionally misunderstood what it does not matter." Ah ...... While president to adults twists a little, but what he meant was ...... he really likes her? Ah ah ah!