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Probably mother had stood up, under the silent expulsion order, the cheap nike jerseys free shipping quiet autumn youngest see also stood up and begged said "I play a little water to help wash his feet Anny, quite a few holes in her foot rot, which are cinder, she could not see their feet, inconvenient, I helped her dig cinder clean, on drugs, on the go at once after this year and a month, you come on you to take care of her " Mother said "You dangling bad in this neighborhood, I come to play a basin of water." Sister do not know when they came back, and heard this, hop into the sky, said "I go, I go." Sister a pot of water will hit back, put my sister bed, quiet autumn feel confinement as those people, people wait in bed. She wanted to get out of bed, do not let her three under. The youngest Jingqiu feet gauze open, my mother holding Jingqiu feet for a moment, about to cry, and went to the side of the youngest said "That's the trouble you, I go with meditation shade out the. " Mother took my sister away, leaving the house Anny and third. She would not let him help her feet, afraid to put his left hand bandage wet. She washed my feet, and he helped her dry, put rope lights turn on, the lower bulb, and asked her to be a needle, the other end with a needle butt hole to dig those little cinder "Does it cheap jerseys free shipping hurt when I dig? too deep to tell me. " Jingqiu just think that scene, laughed at him "? You just how like a traitor Fu Zhigao like groveling, all the way to nod and say, 'that yes, it is.'" He followed her to laugh "scared and confused, just know that the words to say." "Are you afraid of my mother handed you over nfl jerseys free shipping to the defense of?" "That I do not afraid, I was afraid she would not let me and so you, afraid she yells at you," he joked, "Fortunately, Fu Zhigao not born in that era, otherwise I would definitely be a traitor if enemies get you. hostage to threaten me, and I certainly look to mutiny Fu Zhigao time not because of fear of separation with his wife before the mutiny of it is actually very poor ? " Anny asked "Do you 'd hate my mother?" He was surprised and said "I ​​hate your mother doing?" And boasted that, "she said, and I told her goal is the same that you feel do not think she actually likes me, she promised me a year . after one month to come to you I told you said was 'a long long time if the two conditions'. " "You quite revolutionary optimism of it " "Chairman Mao said, Well, 'our comrades in difficult times, to see the results, to see the light, to improve our courage'." He attentively dig those holes, she looked at him without blinking an eye, thought to see him a year and a month later, she felt very depressed, I do not know how to boil this year too. She asked "Do you really want to wait a year and a month later to come to see me?" He nodded "I promised to your mother and, if the case does not count, since she would not believe me." He saw that she did not say anything, they stop working, look at her, I saw she was looking at him helplessly. He looked at her for a moment, speculation, said "?? You want me to look at you, you do not want to wait so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping long." She nodded. "I will not wait so long, I secretly look at you, okay? Anyway, when I was a traitor of the material, determined to party table, no match for your word." She was pleased, and said. "Traitor to the traitor, as long as we are not to be found on the line."