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Live At The Lumberyard – Sept 5


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Last Lumberyard Concert of the Season!



Autumn City: 


Liam Brown And The Pounds:  If you wanted to find the missing link between the simple, lilting songs of old Ireland and the groove-oriented improvisational style known as jam band music, look no farther than Hoboken’s Liam Brown. An aficionado of both styles and a frequent performer around the Hudson County music scene, you might catch Liam one night performing Irish drinking songs with his partner Lloyd Gold in the folk duo Gold ‘n’ Brown, and then find him hosting the DownTownJerseyCityOpenMic in Jersey City the next. Liam is now joined by 3 of Hobokens finest musicians, Chuck Tumulty on percussions, Dave Entwistle on rhythm guitar, and Jaime DeJesus on Bass to create Liam Brown & The Pounds. The addition of The Pounds gives Liams songs a very rare sound consisting of celtic, folk, punk, reggae, blues, and hip hop. Liam Brown & The Pounds were nominated for a Hoboken Music Award in 2013 and have just finished recording their first Band album which is due for release in early 2014.

Underwater Scheme Park:  What began as a tribute to one of New Jersey’s best radio programs, WFMU’s Underwater Theme Park, has turned into a successful two year, two gig, run! Underwater Scheme Park formed in the back of a Bayonne beauty salon in 2012, pooling the talent of some of the tri-state’s most infamous musicians, artists, and social deviants. After rave reviews of their “Valley Girl” show, the Scheme Park figures they’re just what the world needs now. No one knows what the next show will bring, but once the band figures it out, be sure to clear your calendar. See what a few people are talking about, and catch them live now!



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Tuesday, 4-June
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