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Live At The Lumberyard – Take our Survey and view 2014 Survey Results

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As promised, below are the results of surveys taken during the 2014 Live at The Lumberyard concert series. We were unable to begin our survey until the second show in the series, therefore the results and trends are based upon the last four shows in the series.

Please take our 2014 LATL Survey below, beginning 1-January-2015. It will be open until 15-February and your input is greatly appreciated.

2014 Live At The Lumberyard Concert Series Survey Results

2014 Zip Code

2014 Previous Attendance

2014 Gender


2014 Marketing Effectiveness


2014 Age - Ethnicity

Code Breakdown:

VS – Very Satisfied | SS – Somewhat Satisfied | N – Neutral

SD – Somewhat Dissatisfied | VD – Very Dissatisfied

2014 Conv-Venue-Location-Time 2014 Overall Event Rating

Saturday 23-September

Saturday 23-September

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Tuesday, 5-September

Tuesday, 5-September

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